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In my relatively few years I have had numerous conversations with different people on differing aspects of finance, economics, politics and social policy. They were particularly enlightening as I was able to discuss those views with British and Japanese (not forgetting Chinese, South Koreans and Taiwanese) academics, business people with considerable experience far beyond what I had. The conversations originally stemmed from my Undergraduate days at SOAS, attending events at the Japan Society, the East India Club and the Daiwa Foundation (I still go to some of these events albeit not on such a regular basis). This then expanded when I graduated and then went to Keio University in Tokyo, Japan, where through other friends I met many very well-placed businessmen, entrepreneurs, civil servants who shared their experiences in Japan. As a speaker of Japanese I was able to listen to their opinions and give my own which was very fascinating. The fact that many of these people could not speak English made the experience all the more entertaining. While my foreign friends were out buying cheap beer or partying I was invited to all-expenses paid dinners held by bankers and business people. Being in Asia at the time I was invited to meet similar individuals in Shanghai and Seoul which gave me insight into their opinions. Returning to the UK and enrolled in Oxford for a Masters I began digesting some of these ideas to formulate how things worked. The course I subsequently enrolled in forced me to re-examine these ideas.

Subsequently on a couple of occasions friends have asked me in both English and Japanese about similar matters and due to linguistic ineptitude, high quantities of alcohol/tiredness (delete as applicable) or plain forgetfulness I have been unable to recount or explain my ideas. One went so far as to suggest I should write up some of this on a blog. Well, there you go. Now that I am out of academia I am also looking for a way to keep practising my Japanese and decided that keeping a blog on such matters would also help me. Potentially capturing viewers in the process will also be an interesting way to further the debate. Should I have started earlier? Yes. Should I have kept notes as opposed to relying on my brain? Yes, but I’m still doing it anyway. Is this yet another sorry excuse for a disenchanted right-wing hack to rant and rave? OF COURSE!

About the Japanese Posts

Before my Japanese pieces are uploaded they are usually posted in Lang-8. If you, or someone you know would be interested in getting a sneak preview or just helping me with my written Japanese, you are most welcome to. Some are entirely original pieces in Japanese and some are translations of English articles on this website. Depending on how this project goes I may split the site into two parts or two separate sites altogether.ではよろしくお願い申し上げます。