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This article was written on 09 Mar 2014, and is filled under General.

Long time no see

I’m Back!

Did you miss me? Long time, no see, have you all been keeping well?

The past year has kept me very busy with work (and still does) but I realised that something was missing for me. In short my current professional life has practically nothing to do with Asia save the odd occasion when I can go out for a dinner in a restaurant. As a certain Korean PhD student put to me last summer: ‘what the hell are you doing?’

Now you might be wondering, why the fudge is this guy back? He works, so he can’t be poor, his writing is lame and by god the humour is… not going to give Seth Macfarlane a run for his money anytime soon.

There are several reasons why:

  1. The death of Bill Sakovich (aka Ampontan). Words cannot describe how much this person has influenced my opinion on the Far East and how this guy literally pumped out an unsurpassable volume of well-researched (ok, maybe not all well-researched) posts on Japan. I make no exaggeration to say I learnt more from this guy than when I was at Oxford. As a result of his death, the J-blogosphere has been somewhat devoid of capable talent, not that Observing Japan, NoahOpinion and others aren’t good in their own right. On the Korean front, the reduced pace of publishing by ‘The Grand Narrative,’ another good anthropologist provided another incentive that a lot of these ‘Asian Arenas’ are vastly underserviced. I’m not saying I’m up to the standard of these people, but I am going to have a half-decent crack at it.
  2. Changing Careers. Quite frankly, I am rather in need of a career change. Seeing as the job market isn’t working out in my favour i.e. people aren’t coming to me, I figure I would try and go to them through this. Heck, if this thing gets any traction it might even get me out of this entire racket. Check the ‘hire me!’ section of the site.
  3. Longer term plans. At some point i.e. not tomorrow I would actually like to maybe write a book and get some thoughts into print.  Practice makes perfect!
  4. Academic envy. I don’t have the time or money to actually sit and write a proper thesis – yet, so this is a good way to collect all my notes and get feedback at the same time. So yes, I am trying to feed my ego.
  5. Experimentation. Somewhere when I was studying at Grad School, I remember reading something along the lines of ‘…it is all too easy to read and not write anything. Writing can assemble one’s thoughts to create a structured argument and thesis.’ So, yes I am trying to do something like that. That and there are other things such as code experimentation (R, Excel etc.) which a project like MCT provides a reason for me to do outside of work.
  6. Fortress of Solitude. At least here I can rant non-stop about issues that I find interesting without pissing off huge numbers of friends/family.
  7. Greed and Arrogance. Look them up.

Lastly, it makes me feel


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