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Introducing the Japan Restoration Party

Well, we all knew it was going to happen. Who thought the ‘Japan Restoration Party’ wasn’t going to happen?

I don’t often translate documents wholesale for publishing, mainly because I prefer analysis (I translate for practice) but nevertheless since this is likely to be not the last time since these people enter this blog, might as well start covering them at inception.

Disclaimer: This is a rough translation of the Japanese Nikkei Article found here. I encourage you to visit it. All errors are my own, hence the original Japanese.

Japan Restoration Party 日本維新の会

Herd them! Herd them into the room!

橋下氏、「日本維新の会」結党を宣言 7議員参加 

Hashimoto announces the ‘Japan Restoration party’, 7 diet members attend



Hashimoto Toru (Mayor Osaka) of the Regional Party ‘Osaka Restoration Party’ announced the opening of the ‘Japan Restoration Party’ at a Osaka Hotel. ‘A major battle has now commenced in all of Japan to change the characteristics of the nation. Today, we start the cutting (down) of the bureaucracy’ Mr Hashimoto announced.


The Osaka District/City Reform movement, the ‘Osaka Reform Party’ has now been running for around 2 ½ years.  The new party will compete in the next diet elections with the eyes of the typhoon/ aggressively.


At the party for the new political group seven Diet members of various political affiliations were seen attending. These included former Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Matsuno Yorihisa (A Keio Boy) of the DPJ, Matsunami Kenta (A Waseda Boy) of the LDP, amongst others. On a podium in the meeting place, Hashimoto shook hands with each of them


According aides to Mr Hashimoto, ‘Reform is being blocked by Tokyo. The real meaning is that if we wish to reform Osaka, then we must reform the (national) legal system. ‘Additionally, the Party manifesto states that ‘We decided to create a national party. The parties name is the ‘Japan Restoration Party’


In the near future, the Ministry of Internal Affairs will be notified of the new party. The party headquarters will be based in Osaka, where it shall have Hashimoto as a representative and Matsui Ichirou as party Secretary General until the election.


The Japan Restoration shall field candidates from their reform study group which began this year in the spring with various political and other experienced personnel. All candidates shall follow the 8 point Restoration policy which they shall use in public to distance themselves from other candidates.

Again this is a very rough translation. Let me know if I have made any glaring errors in the comments below. Regardless of one’s opinion of Hashimoto, it was always clear he was going to be more than a mere regional player.

Here is a video of the Seven who have it appears resigned from their respective parties and are now defecting.

On a slightly different note; a lot of people seem to be reading my last post. Wonder why?

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