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Hire me!

Hire me!
As you may of gathered from a recent post of mine, I am shopping around for a new job.
To the lucky, handsome and intelligent people who are genuinely thinking about this, I can offer the following skills:
1. Fluent professional Japanese. If you would like to see a sample of my work, please let me know.

2. Regional field experience in:
a. Middle East. This is mainly Libya, Egypt, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and Lebanon.
b. Africa. I have operated everywhere from Morocco to South Africa and many places in between. In short, frontier markets and up-country risk i.e. the bit where nobody else goes.
c. East Asia. China, Japan and the Koreas.

3. A plethora of analytical skill sets including:
a. Econometric modelling (Logit, Probit, Truncated Datasets, Homo and Heteroscedasticity, Time-Series etc.)
b. Financial modelling (transactional modelling, balance sheet analysis etc.)
c. Commodity Research (pricing, storage, delivery, quality, certification)
d. Contract structuring, monitoring and settlement.

4. Work Experience in:
a. Corporate research
b. Structured commodity trade finance (all aspects)
c. Restructuring trade deals
d. Shipping and logistics
e. Commodity markets (physical). I have worked with everything from lead to fertilisers.
f. Risk management
g. Treasury (cash management, asset relocation)
h. Investor telations
i. Compliance (in line with US, EU and African regulators)

5. Swiss army-knife style corporate operations solutions. I have constructed IT setups for a variety of SME groups over the years. Currently I am working to implement a SalesForce based solution for a rapidly growing Trade Finance Fund.

6. An anytime, anyplace person. I will work in deserts, jungles, cities. Give me a time, a place, a ticket and I will be there. Whether you are a Chinese state-owned agri-trader looking to break into Africa or a Cayman-domiciled fund and need someone in your Geneva (or Tokyo) office, I’m more than happy to oblige. In short, have gun and will travel.

7. A quirky sense of humour that can provide an amenable working relationship.

If you have a position involving any of the following:
1. Shareholder Activism
2. Non-performing loans/corporate restructurings
3. Physical Commodity Trading (fuels, grains, fertilisers in particular)
4. Private Equity
5. Secondary paper markets (corporate debt, illiquid positions)
6. Other Hedge Fund focused activities with East Asia as part of the portfolio.

Then please do get in touch.

Still interested? Should you have a genuine position available, please contact me via Twitter with your details and we can take it from there. Send me a PM on Twitter with your name, title, email and phone number, together with a description of what you require.
Note: Please do not think that I am same desperado that will work for peanuts. Serious money and serious offers please, no time wasters.