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Chinese Tourist and trade Numbers in the DPRK are up!?

The masses always appear to react and report on almost every little peep that comes out of the Hermit Kingdom, yet certain figures seem to fall through the cracks. The rise in Chinese tourists to […]

Aug, 03

North Korea Gaesong to be included in South Korea FTA?

Having already talked about North Korea once this week, I was thinking of reviewing some of the Japanese press, but alas this one couldn’t wait. According to Bloomberg South Korea is pushing for Gaesong Industrial […]

Mar, 22

Number Crunching North Korea

Courtesy of VoxEU I stumbled across this little gem by a Mr Moon of Hitosubashi regarding North Korean statistics. Following recent news of a potential satellite launch as well as the publication of laws regarding […]

Mar, 21

DPRK Japan Waltz

North Korea seems to of been busy of late. First has been Kim Jong-Un’s endorsement from the Chongryon organisation in Japan. More specfically in the form of an interview with Choe Kwan-ik, the editor of […]

Feb, 20
Japan and North Korea Negotiations

Japan and North Korea Negotiations

There’s been a lot of Japan-related news lately, so I’ll kick off with possibly the one that has been below the radar the most: discussions between North Korea and Japan (also here) held in Beijing. […]

Jan, 11


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