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Weekend Reader 4

Here are some pieces The Chairman says First a bit of history: an old interview of Jin Liqun, Chairman of China Investment Corporation talking to Al-Jazeera about the European Debt Crisis given in December 2011. […]

Jun, 09

Weekend Reader #3

A belated happy weekend to all those reading this. A few leisurely pieces of reading for all you fans out there: (Book) Accomplished Blogger Loco in Yokohama has written his first book on racism in […]

Jun, 03

A Japanese Weekend Reader #2

Greetings to all Seeing as today is the anniversary of the North-East Japan earthquake my thoughts and prayers are offered to those families that are still suffering. I would also like to take this opportunity […]

Mar, 11

Weekend Reading #1

Seeing as it’s the weekend, one thinks it is sometimes good to read something a little different. Is the Administration Joining Team Balance-Sheet Recession? – Rortybomb Mike Konczal asks whether the Fed is finally acknowledging […]

Feb, 25


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