MicroCapitalist Today


Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (AFAQ)

Q. Why did you call it MicroCapitalist Today?

A. MCT was a legacy domain from a entirely different failed project going back ages and ages. Despite attempts by various scholars to divulge some deeper meaning behind the domain to uncover some insight about the owner, it really is that simple. Sorry.

Q. Who is Echizen?

A. See the About me page.

Q. What don’t you cover the news more thoroughly?

A. Two reasons.

  1. As an individual/small group it is impossible to cover the news when there is a plethora of websites that do that. I prefer on providing “High-Brow” Commentary and analysis for those who find Op/Ed columns a bit too pedestrian and (possibly) want to read more on the topic.
  2. I like to focus on differing topics to exercise my grey cells which means sometimes headline hitters don’t get taken ‘as they come in’.
  3. The purpose of blogging is express critical opinion and go where others don’t necessarily try. I do this by blending the upper end of journalistic opinion with a sprinkling of academic references, papers and literary criticism. Journalism is technically reserved for newspapers and the press (where that places the Economist, I’m not sure).

Q. What is your political leaning?

A. I/we am/are tacitly right-wing, although mostly we are fact/data obsessives. If the evidence isn’t there

Q. You made a factual error, how do I let you know?

A. Please either contact me or leave a comment on the offending article and we will try to address it.

Q. Could you write an article on (insert topic here)?

A. Whilst I/we cannot promise that the topic will be covered, I/we do welcome suggestions from the readers. Please contact us.

Q. I believe you have published something you are not meant to/ you gave me bad advice?

A. First, please see our disclosure statement. Any information used is either from our own experience and we have permission to use it. Otherwise, I/we try to the greatest extent possible make reference to other published works to back up our idea. We are not a financial advisory service so are not accountable for any profit or loss you take as a result of our suggestions.

Q. I don’t like what you write, please change it.

A. If you don’t like it don’t read it. Constructive criticism is always welcome, but benign hate speech is not. Get lost.

Q. I really like your work, can we talk about publishing/speaking/seminars/panel invitations?

A. This is an obscure website occupying a little space in the world so if you have this question then we are genuinely surprised. However, if you are genuinely serious, then please contact us.